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Our Approach

Leveraging Market Inefficiencies

Our belief is that as more capital flows toward larger capitalization passive index funds and ETFs, the mispricing of small- and micro-cap securities will become more extreme and persist for longer periods. This will expand the opportunity set for the Greenleaf investment strategy.

Disciplined Investment Process

We seek companies with thoughtful and high-integrity management teams that focus on creating value for shareholders. Other important attributes include: 1) strong or improving balance sheets, 2) the potential for consistent free cash flow generation, and 3) identifiable catalysts that we believe will unlock value.

Engaged Shareholders

As shareholders, we redouble our efforts to assess the merits of our original investment decisions and engage frequently with the companies to which we have allocated capital.

Strong Infrastructure

Our association with a multi-billion-dollar RIA provides strong infrastructure and operational support that is typically unavailable to investment strategies that seek to limit total invested assets.

Our Team

The principals deploying Greenleaf’s investment strategy have more than 20 years of investment experience and possess strong academic credentials. In addition, the principals have invested significant personal capital in the strategy alongside fellow investors.